Laura Zamora

Laura Zamora
I was born in Barcelona, Spain and since an early age I wanted to tell stories by drawing them.I studied graphic design but I thought I needed a further challenge so I applied to the prestigious PrimerFrame school in the city of Valencia and got a master on 3D animation. Since then I’ve been working as an animator for several different production and advertisement agencies in Spain and Greece. Meanwhile I wanted to make my dream come true and create my own animation short by writing and producing it all by myself.After many years of hard work and sleepless nights the dream came true and “The tree of lost souls” animation short came to life.

Alex Koniaris

Alex Koniaris
Alex Koniaris was born in Athens, Greece. He has a B.Sc. in audio engineering and has been studying medieval, resistance and classical music for many years. He has composed music for theater, movies and several other productions. He also works for a record label.
Over the past five years he has been trying to drive his neighbor mad by playing the piano late at night.

Oliver Schmitz

Oliver Schmitz
Oliver Schmitz is a Barcelona based sound engineer. He has been recording, editing and mixing dialogue and sound fx for many tv shows, documentaries and films since the early 2000,s. Oliver is also an electronic music composer.